1” plates work for most types of hair – anything around shoulder length.
Under 1” is ideal for shorter hair, such as pixie cuts, men’s hair, etc.
Bigger than 1” is meant for long, thick, and textured hair.

Curved plates make it easier to make curls and waves. But they can still straighten as well! It’s a matter of user preference.
For the smaller size irons (.4” and .6” Crescent), the curved plates also make it easier to give lift and volume at the root.

For most types of hair, 350° is more than enough! We do include 400°+ heat setting for very thick and resilient hair. If you have thin, damaged hair, we’d recommend starting at the lowest temperature setting, then gradually working your way up until you find a heat setting that works for you without damaging your hair.

Healing Stone is a special type of Golden Sericite found in the North Chungcheong Province in South Korea. It has three properties that synergize with Glampalm’s cutting edge ceramic:L
1)    Smoothness - Sericite has a “slippery” atomic structure, called near perfect basal cleavage. For this reason, various types of sericite are used in creams, lotions and makeup all over the world. Adding this to our ceramic makes it even smoother compared to the competition.
2)    Far Infrared Heat – Golden Sericite naturally emits far infrared heat, as certified by numerous tests from labs and government agencies in Korea. This type of heat gently but deeply penetrates hair, heating hair both inside and out.
3)    Antimicrobial/Antibacterial – Healing Stone has been used for over a thousand years in Korean medicine, and contains germanium and selenium, which have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
When testing Healing Stone Ceramic against other leading brands, there is a huge difference in the scaliness and roughness of cuticle (the outer layer of hair) after using Glampalm products!

We do not offer Titanium or Tourmaline plates! In our opinion, those were marketing ploys used by companies to sell more products.

All our internal testing shows that ceramic is smoother than titanium. For tourmaline, those are actually ceramic plates mixed with a tiny amount of tourmaline. Again, internal testing showed that the added tourmaline did not have any noticeable effect

The 3D swivel cord is one of our key inventions, and we remain the only company in the world able to make it. All other companies use a swivel cord that rotates 360°, like a helicopter blade. The 3D swivel uses a ball bearing system to move up and down, as well as rotating left to right. This means fewer tangles in your cord to make your user experience even better. 

All products sold on our website our Universal Voltage (you can use them anywhere), except for the following products:
GP232 1” Simpletouch
GP715WH G7 Airtouch Dryer (White)
GP715BL G7 Airtouch Dryer (Black)

Many products can be personally engraved with a name or message! Please email support@glampalm.com with the following: the product you want, engraving content, and name/shipping address. Our team will follow up to help you get your own unique iron.

We recommend that anytime you see any buildup of product or other material on the plates, take a damp cotton cloth and clean the ceramic. This will extend the life of your product greatly!

Cosmetologists are eligible for an extra discount!* Please email us at support@glampalm.com with a picture of your ID and your cosmetology license (or cosmetology school ID) to receive the offer.
*Please note this discount cannot be combined with other discounts of offers.

Distribution inquiries are welcome! Please email us at support@glampalm.com with your name, company name, and the territory you cover.

We will be happy to answer any other questions you may have - email us at support@glampalm.com anytime and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.