If you are located outside of the USA and purchased your Glampalm from one of our foreign distributors, please contact them directly for service and warranty inquiries.
The Glampalm Warranty and Return policies are valid only with products purchased from authorized retailers. These include our website at, our Amazon/Ebay seller account UNIL USA, and selected shops throughout the USA. 
Products from unauthorized retailers, other Amazon sellers, etc. are not covered as there is no way to verify the product's authenticity.



We're proud of the quality and performance of our products! Because we're so confident in our products, Glampalm offers free returns and exchanges within 15 days of purchase. If you are not satisfied, let us know by emailing us at, along with your proof of purchase, and we'll set you up with a free return label.

The product must be returned in its original box and packaging. Products that are damaged, heavily used, or do not have a valid proof of purchase do not qualify for free refunds or exchanges.



1) Please fill out the Glampalm Warranty form:


2) Please prepare a well-padded box, and include the following:

  • a) The tool
  • b) Printed and completed warranty form
  • c) Copy of proof of purchase (store receipt)

3) Please ship the package to:

Glampalm USA
4801 Wilshire Blvd  #218
Los Angeles, CA 90010

4) Please note the following details:

  • a) Glampalm products come with 2-year warranties for flat irons, and 1-year warranties for all other hair tools (curling irons, blow dryers, etc.). This limited warranty covers manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship.
  • b) The warranty is effective only with a valid receipt and the product is under the warranty period. The original serial number (found on the interior specification label) must also be intact.
  • c) The warranty does not cover:
    • i) Damage to due to misuse or abuse, such as (but not limited to) dropping the styling iron or neglecting safety precautions and instructions.
    • ii) Tampering, such as repair or attempted repair.
  • d) Any implied warranties, obligations or liabilities are limited to the 1 or 2 year duration of the limited warranties.
  • e) Glampalm shall not be responsible for special incidental or consequential damage arising from breach of the expressed or implied warranty.
  • f) Glampalm is not responsible for any products lost or damaged in transit.
  • g) The Glampalm Warranty and Return policies are valid only with products purchased from authorized retailers. Please note that products from unauthorized retailers, such as Ebay, are not covered, as there is no way to verify their authenticity.


5) Shipping policy:

Customer is responsible for initial cost of shipping to Glampalm. If the product is found to have a legitimate manufacturer’s defect within the valid warranty period, Glampalm will ship a comparable replacement free of charge to the customer.